What do we really know about Cannabis Genetics?

Over the years, Reggie has had the opportunity to study the chemistry, microbiology, and genetics of thousands of Cannabis plants and has gained a few insights along the way.

THCV and Other Varin Cannabinoids: What the Scientific Research and Anecdotal Evidence Tells Us

Scientific white paper by the FRB R&D team indicates THCv and other varins may potentially be used to treat various diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

Cannabis Radio

Front Range Biosciences with Dr. Reggie Gaudino

In a recent episode of Concierge For Better Living With Doc Rob, Dr. Reggie Gaudino, says FRB can build stronger relationships with customers by using science and technology to help customers succeed and increase profits.

Best Cannabis Start-Ups of 2021

There was a huge increase in interest from a number of venture capitalists, and here is a quick list of the top cannabis startups of 2020 to look forward to again in 2021.

Sleep and CBN: What we really know about the buzzy cannabis compound

So for months I tried various cannabis products promising better sleep, hoping that one of them could serve as a red light and stop the buzzy traffic…

Do Cannabis Investors Need To Know About The Science Behind The Plant?

Front Range Biosciences CEO Jon Vaught advised investors to pay close attention to a cannabis company’s operations…

Front Range Biosciences On The Importance Of Science And Technology In The Cannabis Industry

Research & development is a vital component of the cannabis industry.

A Biotech Revolution in Cannabis Research

A Q&A with two leading experts

“Innovation in Cannabis”

Curious about biotech innovation in cannabis and hemp production? Featuring Jon Vaught, CEO of FrontRange Biosciences

Finally, Weed Is Going to Space

Sure, it sounds badass, but it also serves an ecofriendly purpose

A Company Is Sending Cannabis and Coffee to Space to See if They Mutate

Front Range Biosciences is flying hemp and coffee aboard a SpaceX mission in March.

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