Know What You’re Ordering: Grading Trays & Standardization

FRB Genetics’ grading process ensures top-quality, uniform cannabis clones.

As a cannabis cultivator, you want and need assurance that the clones you order will live up to the standards you expect. FRB Genetics uses its grading process to hold its clones to those standards. Farmers in other crops trust the quality of the products they’re planting and it’s time cannabis growers receive the same peace of mind.

In agriculture, the term “grading” means the standardization of produce as it travels to the consumer. The USDA determines these grades to ensure industry-wide quality. The process of grading divides the products into lots with similar characteristics: shape, size, type, weight, quality, and performance. Products of different qualities are separated into groups or lots and similar quality products are put into a grade. The grading and standardization process is very important since the price is linked to that specific standard of quality. And even though cannabis remains federally illegal, grading is key to ensuring cannabis cultivators receive a consistent, standardized product.

All cannabis growers realize how important it is to know exactly what you’re getting when you order a tray of clones. Uniformity is key and FRB Genetics’ grading process ensures the utmost quality in each clone.

FRB Genetics’ process of grading trays standardizes the products in the FRB Genetics clone trays. In order to have a uniform crop, you need every plant at the same size with the same volume of roots, since not all cuttings root at exactly the same time. During grading, all clones are trimmed into similar heights. Once they get potted, they’ll all be a uniform crop so they’ll grow and flower in the same amount of time. We grade our clones for three things: uniform stem caliber, uniform root development, and, ultimately, for size. We grade every tray this way before they hit the loading dock for shipping.

Because uniformity is so important to maximizing your crop, FRB Genetics has made sure that we’re meticulous about the process, providing the same peace of mind as farmers of other crops. We’re proud that one of the many advantages to ordering from FRB Genetics is that when we bring that tray to availability, the cultivator is going to get the best quality, most uniform clone.

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