The Facility / Nursery Operations

What is FRB Genetics?

FRB Genetics is a dynamic commercial cannabis nursery and breeding platform with an innovative, data-first approach to new genetic development.

We specialize in providing healthy, vigorous clones and teens to licensed operators, with a range of proprietary genetics and popular cultivars already primed for success.

But we’re not just another genetics company crossing cultivars and creating hybrids – we pull from the world’s deepest cannabis seed library and bioinformatics database and leverage DNA markers to quickly sort for desirable agronomic and effect traits and speed the breeding process. This allows us to boost minor cannabinoids and create proprietary, brandable genetics for our partners and customers that deliver ownable menu differentiation and new consumer experiences.

Our world-class genetics, along with our Clean Stock® nursery program and innovative, data-first breeding platform, ensure licensed operators throughout California are stocked with the highest-quality, virus-tested, pesticide-free plants on the market.

What facilities does FRB Genetics have?

The nursery currently operates out of a 10,000 square foot facility in Salinas and sells FRB Genetics’ proprietary strains and licensed strains from partners. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in plant pathology and cannabis genetics research – we implement industry leading IPM and HLVd mitigation tactics in our Clean Stock facility using tissue culture in conjunction with our partners at Node Labs.

What type of lighting is used in the FRB Genetics nursery greenhouse?

CMS, HPS, and LED, in some areas combined. All lighting is supplemented with daylight.

What is the FRB Genetics greenhouse light cycle?

FRB Genetics uses an 18/6 hour light cycle, as well as daylight.

FRB Genetics

Can genetics-specific requests be made to FRB Genetics for the next round of R&D breeding?

Yes. With over 1,000 germplasm sourced from across the globe, a 14TB+ bioinformatics database, and marker-assisted breeding technology, you’ve got the widest menu of possibilities available. Our DNA fingerprinting technology also ensures that your request is protected and enforced. Meet with our sales team to discuss opportunities to breed your genetics.

Can mother stock be created from FRB Genetics clones/teens?

FRB Genetics does not allow the creation of mother stock or breeding with our genetics unless there is a licensing agreement in place.

Plant Specs

Where can COAs of the varieties be found?

Please contact your salesperson for a current COA.

How much will each plant yield?

Plant yield depends on many factors. Fertility, irrigation, and soil health will play a substantial role in how many pounds/grams per plant you produce. When planting outdoors – planting time is the biggest. The earlier you plant your crop the larger your plants will be due to increased vegetative time in the field. Talk to your salesperson to receive an estimate based on your growing conditions.

What are the suggested acclimation protocols?

See the Acclimation section of the Receiving Your Clones and Teens post.

Is there a strain that works best in my growing environment?

Our experienced sales team is able to recommend genetics based on grow environment, turn times, terpene profile, cannabinoid ratio, and plant habit.

Are there pictures of the clones and teens that are currently in stock?

Yes. Please contact your salesperson for pictures of our current plant stock.

Pests/IPM Protocols

What viruses does FRB Genetics test for?

FRB Genetics tests for the following 7 viruses:

  • CMV
  • ToRSV
  • ArMV
  • TMV
  • AMV
  • TSV
  • TRSV

FRB Genetics tests for the following viroids:

  • HLVd

What IPM protocols are used in the nursery greenhouse?

We focus on long-term prevention of pests by managing the ecosystem first, including environmental factors that affect the pest and its ability to thrive. Vigilant monitoring and correct pest identification help decide whether management is needed.

We manage pests is by using a combination of methods that work better together than separately.

  • Biological Controls
  • Cultural Controls
  • Mechanical or Physical Controls
  • Chemical controls

Contact your salesperson for a detailed record of biological and chemical controls agents used.

What beneficial bugs does FRB Genetics use on the plants and how can they be identified?

FRB Genetics currently uses different types of beneficial mites depending on which pest pressure is prevalent at the time. We have information to help identify the beneficial bugs you might see on FRB Genetics plants. Contact your salesperson for more information.

What is FRB Genetics doing to control and identify Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd)?

FRB Genetics samples every individual plant monthly in our Clean Stock room to ensure we are maintaining a healthy stock of mother plants to replenish our production lines. In other parts of the greenhouse, we batch samples at different frequencies and use strict protocols to maintain a viroid-free grow.

HLVd symptoms are not immediately obvious, and infected plants can often remain undetected for weeks. Hop Latent Viroid is transmitted mechanically and completely reliant on a host vehicle to transfer from plant to plant. Please see our blog on HLVd and how to prevent the spread.

Shipping and Receiving

How tall are the clones when they are delivered?

8-15 inches, cultivar dependent. They can be shorter or taller, if needed, on a case-by-case basis.

How quickly should the clones or teens be transplanted?

Plants arrive ready for transplanting and should be planted no longer than 2-4 days after being received.

Does FRB Genetics deliver?

FRB Genetics does not deliver. We are happy to provide a preferred list of transporters with whom we have worked who can help get your plants to your cultivation site.

Who will be responsible for transport and logistics coordination, FRB Genetics or a third party?

We can provide our preferred list of transporters. Once the customer has secured distro, they provide us with the contact info for the distributor and/or the licensing and driver info, or the Sales Coordinator will connect with their distro to get the licensing and driver info.

Will the FRB Genetics nursery be working with other nurseries to broker FRB Genetics plants through their sales channels or to sell plants that you do not produce in your operation?

No, FRB Genetics will not be brokering plants propagated at other nurseries. From time to time, we may bring in mother stock from outside tissue culture laboratories to refresh our production lines, but we will not backfill orders with third party nurseries.

What steps should be taken to acclimate the plants?

See our Receiving Your Clones and Teens post for suggestions on proper plant handling techniques.

We can taper our lights to 16hrs daylength to help prevent photoperiod shock when transplanting outdoors under natural daylength. Our plants are hardened off under full sunlight and are ready for field planting. If you live in a windy region, we recommend cultivars that are squat or bush type to prevent lodging in the field. Cannabis will gain stem strength if it is exposed to windy conditions on regular basis during the vegetative phase.

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