FRB Genetics is a dynamic commercial cannabis nursery and breeding platform with an innovative, data-first approach to new genetic development.

We specialize in providing healthy, vigorous clones and teens to licensed operators, with a range of proprietary genetics and popular cultivars already primed for success.

But we’re not just another genetics company crossing cultivars and creating hybrids – we pull from the world’s deepest cannabis seed library and bioinformatics database and leverage DNA markers to quickly sort for desirable agronomic and effect traits and speed the breeding process. This allows us to boost minor cannabinoids and create proprietary, brandable genetics for our partners and customers that deliver ownable menu differentiation and new consumer experiences.

Our world-class genetics, along with our Clean Stock® nursery program and innovative, data-first breeding platform, ensure licensed operators throughout California are stocked with the highest-quality, virus-tested, pesticide-free plants on the market.

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